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Comfy Brace

Night Wrist Brace

Night Wrist Brace

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Maximum support for your wrist. This ergonomic hand splint will give your
injured wrist the support it needs during sleep or rest. The hand brace is ideal
for those suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendonitis or for
those that need support for their weak and post-cast wrists. It is highly
recommended for nighttime wear but can also be used for light day activities.

Forget about your usual wrist braces that are too loose or too tight! The ComfyBrace hand splint is designed to fit everyone. With its hook and loop fasteners you can rest assured that the brace will fit perfectly for maximum support and comfort.

The ComfyBrace hand brace has cushioned beads and is very soft for maximum comfort, and the material is breathable and does not hold any moisture. The hand protector was made to last and it is extremely durable.
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Customer Reviews

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Jose Vega
Effective comfy beneficial

Im a jazz pianist at my college in CSUF. I would be going for 2 to 5 hour practice sessions but one
day my wrists started hurting. I’ve developed carpal tunnel symptoms and I knew I had to get this
taken care of IMMIDIATELY. The comfy braces are great, they helped ease my pain at night and I
cannot sleep without them, because if I don’t, my pain is terrible in the morning! After going to my
doctor’s appointment, they approved of these and I can confidently say that I’m on my way to having
fully healed wrists!